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Hanger 2:

Play Hanger 2 and swing from a star! Play this free online activity diversions Hanger 2 is the continuation of the mainstream ragdoll amusement made by Christian Ostman. Utilize your catching snare to swing your way through every world and attempt to complete each dimension without losing arms, legs or other body parts. Hanger 2: Utilize your rope to swing through each dimension.

Goodness, and do whatever it takes not to lose too many body parts en route!. You have one mission: keep your swinging man alive. Cross absurd courses, time each swing splendidly, and stay away from snags in your way. Shield the delicate hanger from losing his appendages! Go for broke, and open new dimensions with every triumph! Hanger 2: EL is one of our chosen Ability Amusements. Hanger 2, This person truly wants to stay nearby. How far would you be able to dispatch him off the side of this bluff.